Cooking Race

This is a good game for the class in domestic science. The pupils of

each aisle constitute a team. A piece of chalk is handed to the one in

each front seat. At the signal to go, the chalk is passed back until it

reaches the one in the last seat in the row. Every one in the aisle

must have handled the chalk in passing it back. Upon receiving it, the

last one in the row runs forward to the board and writes thereupon an

ingredient necessary in the making of cake. Returning, the chalk is

handed to the one in the front seat and again passed back until it gets

to the one in the next to the last seat, who rushes to the board and

writes another ingredient necessary in cake making. And so the race

continues. When the last pupil at the board, namely the one from the

front seat, has written upon the board and returned to her seat, the

race is ended. The race is won by the aisle first completing this task.

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