One of the most popular games at a party is certainly "Consequences";

it is a very old favorite, but has lost none of its charms with age.

The players sit in a circle; each person is provided with a half sheet

of notepaper and a pencil, and is asked to write on the top--(i) one

or more adjectives, then to fold the paper over, so that what has been

written cannot be seen. Every player has to pass his or her paper on

to the right-hand neighbor, and all have then to write on the top of

the paper which has been passed by the left-hand neighbor (2) "the

name of the gentleman"; after having done this the paper must again be

folded and passed on as before; this time must be written (3) one or

more adjectives; then (4) a lady's name; next (5), where they met;

next (6), what he gave her; next (7), what he said to her; next (8),

what she said to him; next (9), the consequence; and lastly (10), what

the world said about it. Be careful that every time anything has been

written the paper is folded down and passed on to the player on your


When every one has written what the world says, the papers are

collected and one of the company proceeds to read out the various

papers, and the result may be somewhat like this:--

(1) The horrifying and delightful (2) Mr. Brown (3) met the charming

(4) Miss Phillips (5) in Westminster Abbey; (6) he gave her a flower

(7) and said to her: "How's your mother?" (8) She said to him: "Not

for Joseph;" (9) the consequence was they danced the hornpipe, and the

world said: (10) "Just what we expected."

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