Provide each player with pencil and paper. The first thing to write

on the paper is an adjective which applies to a man. The paper is then

folded over and passed to the right. This time each one writes the

name of a man (either present or absent), folds the paper so the next

one can't see what is written, and passes it on to the right. This is

done each time and the order of names is as follows after the first

two, then an adjective which applies to a lady, then a lady's name;

next, where they met; what he said; then, what she said; the

consequence; and last of all, what the world said.

After all have finished writing "what the world said," the papers are

passed to the right, opened, and read aloud.



Mr. ----

(met) Pretty


(at) The Fair

(he said) Have you heard the news?

(she said) I intend to go home.

(the consequence was) They never spoke again.

(the world said) "As you like it."

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