An attention game. The pupils stand in the aisle beside their seats. In

starting the game, the teacher asks them to face to the north, then to

the south, then to the east, and to the west, so that they have the

directions fixed in their minds. She then proceeds to tell a story or

to make statements such as the following, "I came from the north." At

the mention of the word "north" all the pupils must turn and face

towards the north. "But since I have arrived in the south,"--at the

mention of the word "south" they all turn and face the south, etc. If

the teacher should say "wind," the pupils imitate the whistling of the

wind; if "whirlwind" is mentioned, all must spin about on their heels a

complete turn. Failing to do any of the required turns, the pupil takes

his seat.

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