The guests are seated around a table, each one having a pile of fifty

beans in front of him. The leader has two packs of playing cards, one

of which is used for an auction sale, one card at a time being sold to

the highest bidder, who pays for it in beans.

When all the cards of the first pack have been sold, the players

arrange their cards and beans on the table ready for business.

The auctioneer then holds up the second pack and announces that he

will call the cards off one at a time, and as he does so, the player

who has the duplicate of that card must give it up to the auctioneer.

After each calling there is a little time allowed to buy or sell the

cards, the object of the game being either to have more beans than any

one else, or to have the duplicate card which is at the bottom of the

second pack, thus causing a very exciting time as the second pile


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