Provide all the guests with pencil and paper. The hostess then

requests that each write the name of the city in which he was born,

and under that a sentence, descriptive of that city or containing

something suggestive of it. The letters of the city form the words of

the sentence and must follow in regular order.

Allow fifteen minutes for composing the sentences, then collect them,

mix them up, and each player is given one. Thus each one has some

other person's slip to read. The one who composed the best sentences

deserves a prize.

Examples--City, New York.

Sentence--N-ow, E-very, W-all St., Y-ankee, O-wns, R-eal, K-ingdoms.

City, Chicago.

Sentence--Conflagration, H-igh, I-n, C-rowded, A-reas, G-rew, O-n.

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