A small tree is placed on a table. The candles are lighted. Blindfold

the players, one at a time, turn around three times, and allow each to

take five steps toward the tree. Then he must blow as hard as he can,

endeavoring to blow out all the lights, if possible. The one who

succeeds in extinguishing the most receives a prize.

Another amusement is playing "The night before Christmas" like

"Stagecoach." Give each child the name of some part of Santa Claus'

outfit, the sleigh, the reindeer, etc. The hostess then reads the

well-known story, "The Night Before Christmas." As she mentions the

names, the players having them, rise, turn around, and sit down

again. When she mentions Santa Claus, all change places, and she tries

to secure a seat. The one left out continues the story, and so on,

until completed.

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