Chicken Market

One player is selected to be a buyer, another to be the market man. The

rest of the players are to be chickens. They stoop down in a row,

clasping their hands under their knees. The buyer inquires of the

market man, "Have you chickens for sale?" The market man says, "Yes,

plenty of them". Thereupon the buyer goes along the line and examines

the chickens. He finds one too tough, one too fat, etc., until at last

he comes to one which suits his fancy, and he so informs the market

man. He takes one arm and the market man takes the other and between

them they swing the chicken back and forth. If the chicken maintains

the grasp of its hands beneath its knees, it is accepted by the buyer

and is led off to the home of the buyer, marked upon the ground. The

game continues until all the chickens are sold.

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