_5 to 10 players._

_Dark room._

This game is a good one for the loft of an old barn on a rainy day.

The writer obtained the game from a group of boys, who found it one of

their chief sports used in this way.

It is necessary to prepare in advance a rather large, soft bag; an oat

sack or potato bag may be used. This should be nearly filled with dry

leaves or some substitute, and the end gathered up and tied with a

string, so as to leave quite a hilt or handle for a firm grasp. All

light is shut out of the place, so that the sense of hearing will be

the only guide in the game.

One player, who is It, is seated on the floor in the center of the

loft or room, and holds the sack. The object of the game for this

player is to tag or touch any of the other players with the sack

without leaving his sitting position on the floor. The object of the

other players, who are scattered promiscuously, is to approach as near

as possible to the center player, taking him unaware, with a taunting

cry of "Chickadee-dee!" close to his ear.

The game starts in perfect silence and darkness. A player steals up to

the center man, calls "Chickadee-dee!" and darts back again as quickly

as possible, the center man whirling his bag around in a circle and

hitting out with it in the direction of the voice, trying to hit this

player. While he is doing this, another player from some other

direction repeats the call of "Chickadee-dee!" close to his ear, and

darts back or dodges. Any tactics may be used for dodging, such as

dropping to the floor, jumping, or the more usual modes of dodging.

Any player hit with the bag exchanges places with the one in the


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