Chair Passing Race

A box can be used instead of a chair in this event. All of the players

are asked to face to the right. A chair is given to the man at the

right hand end of the line to sit upon. All of the others remain

standing. At the signal to go, he picks up the chair, and passes it to

his left hand neighbor who receives it and passes it on to his left

hand neighbor and so the chair is passed until it gets to the player at

the left end of the line. He, upon receiving it, places it upon the

ground and sits upon it, lifting both feet from the ground. Then,

picking up the chair, he runs to the rear of his line until he gets to

the other end. There again he sits upon the chair, raising both feet

from the ground, and then starts passing it to the left. So when every

man in the line has run to the right with the chair in turn, the last

man ends the race when he sits upon it at the right hand end of the


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