Catechism of States

Q.--Which is the best State for fresh pork?

A.--New ham, sure.

Q.--Which is the best for an early summer hotel?

A.--May inn.

Q.--In which should surgeons dwell?


Q.--In which should laundrymen prosper?

A.--Washing done.

Q.--In which do impudent people dwell?

A.--Can sass.

Q.--Which is the best for deer-hunting?

A.--Collar a doe.

Q.--Which is the best for locksmiths?

A.--New brass key.

Q.--In which would you look for a morning attire?

A.--Day coat, eh!

Q.--In which is one likely to fail in getting a drink?


Q.--In which can you find a red letter?

A.--Florid A.

Q.--In which does the hustle make one sick?

A.--Ill o' noise.

Q.--In which is one likely to use his farming implements?

A.--I'd a hoe.

Q.--In which can one acquire an estate by marriage?

A.--Mary land.

Q.--In which is one letter of the alphabet taller than the others?

A.--O higher.

Q.--In which are bodies of land surrounded by water given a ride?

A.--Rhode Island.

Q.--Which is called to your mind by holding two $5 bills?

A.--Tenn I see.

Q.--Which would a woman rather have if she can't get a new sealskin


A.--New Jersey.

Q.--Which does the farmer's wife mention when she asks you to partake

of apple sauce?

A.--Take sass.--_Capper's Weekly (Topeka)._

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