Captain Kidd's Gold

This is a good game in which all the members of a family may find

pleasure. It develops one's power of observation and memory. A small

coin is hidden somewhere about the yard or in the woods, wherever the

game may be played, by one of the players. All of the other players

must be either blindfolded or placed in a position where they cannot

see the player who is hiding the coin.

The player having hidden the coin returns to the group and describes

just how they are to find same. For illustration:--he gives the

following description of the course to follow. "Walk twenty paces in a

direct line towards the apple tree at the far end of the garden. There

you will find a small stone upon a larger one. Under the small stone

you will find an arrow scratched upon the larger one. Follow the

directions of this arrow fifteen paces. Then turn sharply to the left,

go ten paces, and underneath a stone will be found Captain Kidd's

Gold." The players may ask him to repeat the directions once. After

repeating, however, they must follow the direction without further

questioning. The one successful in finding the coin next hides the


This game can be made simple enough for small children to enjoy or

difficult enough to prove a problem for adults.

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