Candle and Plate Race

The teams are arranged on opposite sides of a table. The two players at

the head of the table are given a plate and a candle and a box of

safety matches. At the signal to "go" the candle is placed on its end

on the plate and lighted by the first player. The candle is then

balanced upon the plate, as it is passed to the next player, who

receives the plate endeavoring to maintain the balance of the candle.

Should the candle fall over, the player in whose hand the plate rests

must place the plate down upon the table, again stand the candle on its

end and pass it on to the next player. Should the flame on the candle

become extinguished, the player, in whose possession it is, must place

the plate down upon the table, and using the box of safety matches

which is on the plate, relight the candle. In this way the candle is

passed to the far end of the table and back. The team first succeeding

in accomplishing this task wins.

This can be made more difficult by requiring each player to keep one

hand in his lap during the passing, balancing and lighting of the

candle. In lighting, the next neighbor on the team may hold the box of

matches while his teammate strikes the match necessary to relight the


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