All the players sit in a circle and begin to count in turn, but

whenever seven, or any multiple of seven comes, "Buz" is said in its

place. If anyone forgets he may be put out and the game commenced

over again, but it is more fun if the players go right on with the

counting, as many will fall off when the count is up in the

hundreds. The game may be continued as long as is desired.

Suppose the players have counted up to twenty, the next one would say

"Buz," as twenty-one is a multiple of seven; the next, "twenty-two,"

the next "twenty-three," and so on. The one having "twenty-seven"

would say "Buz," as it contains seven. When seventy is reached, the

numbers are said, "Buz one," "Buz two," etc.; "double Buz," for

seventy-seven, and so on.

"Siz" may be substituted for six and its multiples, and "Fiz" for

five, just for variety.

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