The hostess begins by saying one word and announces that each word of

the sentence must begin with the initial letter of the given word. The

player to her right gives the second word, the next player, the third,

and so on, until the sentence is complete only when it reaches the


Each player must be careful not to give a word which with the others

completes the sentence, as the hostess is the only one who is supposed

to finish it--but sometimes it seems as though all the words of that

letter have been taken; if this is the case, the player who finished

the sentence must pay a forfeit or drop out of the game.

Suppose there are nine players and number one says "An," number two

"Angry," number three "Ape," number four "Ate," number five "Apples";

thus number five is out or pays a forfeit as the sentence is completed

and there are still four more to play. Thus the sentence might have

been "An angry ape ate attractive, audacious, ancient April apples."

This sentence is absurd, but the more ridiculous, the greater the fun.

For the second turn the player to the right of the hostess begins,

using a word beginning with another letter and so on, until each

player has started a sentence.

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