Brick Relay

Have four contestants to a team and as many teams as there is space

for. Two lines are drawn upon the floor about ten yards apart. Two

members from each team line up opposite to and facing each other,

behind each line. Two brick bats are placed upon the starting line in

front of each team. At the signal to go, the first contestant on each

team stands on the two brick bats. Bending forward he grasps the front

end of each brick with his hands. Shifting his weight to one foot, he

slides the other foot forward, drawing the brick bat with it by means

of his hands. He then shifts his weight to that foot and draws the

other foot forward with the brick bat and in this way proceeds to the

far line, behind which he turns the bricks over to the second member of

his team who races back in the opposite direction by the same method of

progress. The third member takes the bricks from the second and covers

the intervening space between the lines, and when the fourth member,

following the example of his team, has crossed the starting line, the

race ends.

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