This is played similarly to "Stage-coach." Any number of children can

play it. One is chosen out and is called the "gardener."

All the children sit in a circle and the "gardener" gives each one in

turn the name of some flower. When all are named the "gardener" stands

in the center of the circle and tells how he has gone to the woods to

gather certain flowers, how he has transplanted them to form a lovely

garden, the care he has to take of them, and so on, telling quite a

long story and bringing in the names of all the flowers he has given

to the children.

As a flower is mentioned, the child who has that name rises, turns

around, and sits down again. Anyone who fails to rise when his flower

is named must pay a forfeit. When the gardener says something about a

bouquet, all the children rise and exchange seats. Then the "gardener"

tries to get a seat, and if he succeeds, the person who has no seat

becomes the "gardener" and the game goes on as before.

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