Bombardment No. 2

This game is similar to the preceding, except that each player must

secure a stick not over two feet long, which can be stuck loosely into

the ground in a vertical position. A 2x4 block of wood, about 8 inches

long, with a flat end which can be balanced upon the ground, can be

used in place of the stick if desired. Each player sticks his stick up

near the back end of his playing space. They must be at least three

feet distant from any boundary line and from each other. Each player

takes a position in front of his stick. The object of the game is to

knock over the opponents' sticks. Should a player knock over his own

stick accidentally, or that of any player on his side, it counts as

though it were knocked over by the opponent. When a player's stick is

knocked over, that player is dead and takes his stick and leaves the

game. The side first succeeding in knocking over all of their

opponents' sticks wins the game. The players are not allowed to step

over the centre line.

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