Boat Race

Two players constitute a team in this race. One of the players on each

team sits upon the floor. His knees are raised so as to allow his feet

to rest flat upon the floor. The other member of the team then sits

upon his teammate's feet, facing him, and places his feet and legs in a

similar position to that of his teammate, so that each may sit upon the

other's feet. They then place their hands upon each other's shoulders.

To race in this position, Number 1, the player whose back is in the

direction to be traveled, leans well forward so that his weight is well

on his own feet. This makes it possible for his teammate, Number 2, to

slide his feet forward along the floor, carrying Number 1 backward upon

them. Number 2 then leans forward so that his weight is well on his own

feet, which allows Number 1 to draw his feet towards him and Number 2

slides forward with them. By swaying backward and forward in this way,

the two members of the team, by alternating the sliding of their feet,

progress across the floor to the distance line. Upon reaching the same,

they reverse their direction without turning around. The race ends when

they have crossed the starting line.

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