Blindman's Buff

Before beginning to play, the middle of the room should be cleared, the

chairs placed against the wall, and all toys and footstools put out of

the way. The child having been selected who is to be "Blind Man" or

"Buff," is blindfolded. He is then asked the question, "How many horses

has your father?" The answer is "Three," and to the question: "What

color are they?" he replies: "Black, white, and gray." All the players

then cry: "Turn around three times and catch whom you may." "Buff"

accordingly spins round and then the fun commences. He tries to catch

the players, whilst they in their turn do their utmost to escape "Buff,"

all the time making little sounds to attract him. This goes on until one

of the players is caught, when Buff, without having the bandage removed

from his eyes, has to guess the name of the person he has secured. If

the guess is a correct one the player who has been caught takes the part

of "Buff," and the former "Buff" joins the ranks of the players.

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