Blind Man's Wand

This is another way of playing Blind Man's Buff, and is thought by many

to be an improvement on that game.

The player, who is blindfolded, stands in the centre of the room with a

long paper wand, which can be made of a newspaper folded up lengthways,

and tied at each end with string. The other players then join hands and

stand round him in a circle. Someone then plays a merry tune on the

piano and the players dance round and round the blind man, until

suddenly the music stops; the blind man then takes the opportunity of

lowering his wand upon one of the circle, and the player upon whom it

has fallen has to take hold of it. The blind man then makes a noise,

such as, for instance, the barking of a dog, a street cry, or anything

he thinks will cause the player he has caught to betray himself, as the

captive must imitate whatever noise the blind man likes to make. Should

the blind man detect who holds the stick the one who is caught has to be

blind man; if not, the game goes on until he succeeds.

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