Provide the players with pencil and paper. The leader then announces

that a biography is to be written, and the first thing to write is the

name of some person in the room; the paper is folded over so the name

cannot be seen and passed to the player at his left, who writes a date

which is the birth date, and the name of some town; the paper is

folded again and passed to the left and this time a sentence of ten

words is written about early childhood--from one to ten years. Next, a

sentence of same length telling of events between twenty and forty

years; next, between forty and fifty years; date of death next, last,

remark about this life. When all has been written, the folded papers

are passed to the left again and each player reads his paper aloud.

The more ridiculous the sentences, the better the biography, and as no

one knows what is under the folded parts, sometimes the date of death

will be earlier than that of birth, or there will be a vast difference

in time.

Example--Name, John Smith. Born, July 4, 1449, Boston. From 1 to 10

years, mischievous child, quarrelled with everybody, expelled from

school, stole eggs.

From 20 to 40, stayed home, did dressmaking, became sickly, remained

an old maid.

From 40 to 50, became a wealthy widower, left with three children to

raise. Died January 1, 1860. Most remarkable man that ever lived in

his little town.

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