Prepare an even number of bean bags of

moderate size, half of one color and half of another.

Appoint leaders, who choose the children for their respective

sides. There should be an even number on each side. The opponents face

each other, with the leader at the head, who has the bag of one color

at his side. The bags are to be passed,

1st, with right hand,

2d, with left hand,

3d, with both hands,

4th, with right hand over left shoulder,

5th, with left hand over right shoulder.

Before the contest begins, it is best to have a trial game, so all

understand how to pass the bags.

At a given signal, the leaders begin, and pass the bags as rapidly as

possible down the line, observing all the directions. The last one

places them on a chair, until all have been passed, and then he sends

them back, observing the same rules, until all have reached the


The side who has passed them back to the leader first, and has done so

successfully, is the winning side.

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