A game of ball which may be played either indoors or out, but which is

especially adapted to in-door play when weather conditions make

out-door sports impossible. Two baskets suspended on wire rings are

placed at the two opposite ends of a room or gymnasium and the players

strive to knock or pass the ball from one to another on their own side

and to throw it so that it will fall into the basket. It is not

permissible to run with the ball as in Rugby football. The ball used

is round, but in other respects resembles the ball used in football.

It is made in four sections of grained English leather and is

inflated by means of a rubber bladder. The players use rubber-soled

shoes with peculiar knobs, ridges, or depressions to prevent slipping.

The conventional uniform is simply a gymnasium shirt, running

trousers, and stockings which are rolled down just below the knees.

The game of basket ball is especially adapted to women and girls and

consequently it is played very largely in girls' schools and colleges.

Any level space may be used for basket ball. A convenient size is 40

by 60 feet. The baskets used for goals are 18 inches in diameter and

are fixed 10 feet above the ground or floor. The official ball weighs

about 18 ounces and is 31 inches in circumference. Five players

constitute a team. The halves are usually twenty minutes, with a

ten-minute intermission for rest.

It is not permissible to kick, carry or hold the ball. Violation of a

rule constitutes a foul and gives the opponents a free throw for the

basket from a point fifteen feet away. A goal made in play counts two

points and a goal from a foul one point.

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