This game is just for two and is similar to Tit-tat-to. Make a drawing

like the illustration and the game is ready.

[Illustration: A drawing of a stack of twelve rectangles topped with

an half-circle. These are numbered sequentially from the bottom.]

No. 1 chooses a figure which No. 2 must try to guess by indicating

with a pencil dot or mark at the side of the different spaces, until

he has guessed the number chosen.

The numbers in the different spaces marked by No. 2 are added to his

score; and those unmarked are added to No. 1.

Suppose No. 1 chooses 13, and No. 2 marks first 4, then 10, 9, 5, 2,

and finally 13, the sum of all these (43) will be No. 2's score, while

the sum of the numbers unmarked (48) belongs to No. 1.

The game may be played as long as is desirable, but it is more

exciting to have a fixed number, such as 300 or 500.

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