Archery is the art of shooting with a bow and arrow. It is especially

adapted as a lawn game for ladies and gentlemen, but boys and girls

can practise archery and become proficient with bows and arrows just

as the Indians were or the boys in England in the days of Robin Hood.

Of course the invention of gunpowder has practically done away with

the bow and arrow either as a means of warfare or as a weapon to be

used in the chase, but it is still used by savages.

The modern bow used in archery is made of lancewood or yew and for

men's use is usually 6 feet long and for women and children 6 inches

shorter. The strength or pull necessary to bend the bow, given in

pounds, determines its classification. The arrows for men's use should

be 28 inches long and for women 24 to 25 inches. The target is a

straw-filled canvas disk painted in bright colours. There are usually

five circles and the object in archery, as in shooting with firearms,

is to hit either the centre ring or "bull's-eye" or as near to it as

possible. In scoring, a shot in the inner gold centre counts nine; red

ring, seven; inner white ring, five; black ring, three, and outer

white ring, one. Targets are of various sizes from 18 inches in

diameter to 4 feet, depending on the distance of the range. A common

distance will be from 50 to 100 yards.

Each archer should have some distinguishing mark or colour on his

arrows. Standard lancewood bows will cost two or three dollars, arrows

from one to two dollars a dozen, and targets from two to five dollars

each, with three dollars extra for the target stand.

In championship matches in archery the customary range for men is 60

yards with 96 arrows, and the same number of arrows at 50 yards for

women. A recent match championship was decided for men with 90 hits

and a total score of 458, and for women with 85 hits and a total

score of 441.

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