Apple Race

A strawberry basket full of small apples is handed to the first member

of each team. At the signal to go the basket full of apples is passed

back over the heads of the players until it reaches the last player in

the column. The last player, upon receiving the basket full of apples,

runs forward on the right hand side of his line to the distance line,

where an empty basket has been placed. He pours the apples from his

full basket into the empty basket, leaving the basket which is now

empty on the distance line. He returns with the full basket to the

front of the column and starts passing the basket full of apples back

over his head. When it reaches the individual who is then at the rear

of the column, he runs forward, repeating the performance of the first.

The race ends when the last man on the team to run returns across the

base line after having changed the apples on the distance line.

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