Apple Race No. 4

A peach basket is placed opposite each team and ten feet beyond the

distance line. The first member of each team is handed a good sized

apple. At the signal to go he runs forward to the distance line, and

standing behind the same, endeavors to toss the apple into the basket.

Failing to do this, he may run forward and recover the apple, but must

return to the distance line in his endeavor to toss the apple into the

basket. When he has succeeded in tossing the apple into the basket, he

picks the apple out of the basket and runs back, handing it to the next

member on the team, who does the same as he did. The race continues

until the last member of the team has properly tossed the apple into

the basket, recovered it and has run across the base line.

* Stones may be used in place of apples in these races.

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