Apple Race No. 3

Peach baskets containing an equal number of apples (fifteen makes a

good number) are placed at the front of each team. An empty basket is

placed at the rear of the column. At the signal to go the first man on

the team picks the apples out of the full basket, one at a time and

passes them to the rear as rapidly as possible. Every man in the line

must receive and pass back every apple. The last man in the column

deposits the apples in the empty basket as rapidly as he receives them.

When the last apple has been passed back, the man in front of the

column passes back the empty basket. When the empty basket reaches the

last man in the column, he picks up the full basket, places the empty

one in its place and runs to the front of the column with the full

basket, places it in front of him on the ground and starts passing the

apples back, one at a time, as before. The race continues until the

last man on the team runs forward and places his full basket of apples

on the distance line in front of his team.

Judges should count the apples to see that there are as many in the

basket as the team started with, before rendering a decision as to the

winner of the race.

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