An amusing game for children is one in which each child is to make

some sort of animal out of vegetables or fruit, and toothpicks.

When all the children have arrived, pass around slips of paper

containing a number and the name of some animal. Each one must keep

secret what his animal is to be.

Let the hostess prepare a basket of vegetables, potatoes, beets,

carrots, and fruits, lemons, bananas, etc., suitable for the occasion,

from which the children can take their choice to make their

animals. Plenty of toothpicks must be provided for the legs, ears and


Allow five minutes for constructing the creatures.

Then collect the specimens, pinning a number corresponding to the one

on the slip, to its back, and arrange the "show" on a table. Many

queer sights will be seen.

The children, having received pencil and paper, should be told to

write down the number of each animal, and opposite it what the animal

is intended to represent.

A prize can be given to the one who has guessed the greatest number


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