A member of the group thinks of some object, and without disclosing to

the other members of the group what he is thinking about, he addresses

in turn all of the others, asking, "What is my thought like?" The first

one addressed, without having any idea as to what the leader has in

mind, says, "Like a star". The second in answer to his question, says,

"Like a book", and so every one is given an opportunity to state what

they think his thought is like. Then the leader tells the group the

thing he had in mind, which, we will say for illustration, was a

fountain pen. He then asks the one who suggested that it was like a

star why his fountain pen was like a star. Thereupon that one must give

some reason why he thought it was like a star and replies, "Your

fountain pen is like a star because it can enlighten the world". The

next one says, "The fountain pen is like a book because it has the

possibility of conveying thoughts", and so every one in the group must

give the why of his previous answer. This demands quick thinking and

initiative on the part of the players.

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