The hostess should prepare beforehand cards four inches square and

outline on each an apple by dots concealing the outline with other

dots. In one corner of the card is stuck a needle containing enough

green thread to outline the apple. These "apples" are then hidden by

groups, five in a group, in different parts of the room.

A set of directions is prepared such as, No. 1, "Look under the mat";

No. 2, "Look under a certain rocking-chair," and so on. Five of these

directions are sufficient, the last one telling where the apple is

hidden. There are different sets of directions lettered A, B, C, etc.,

five in a set, all lettered alike; the group of five apples being at

the end of each set of directions.

As each guest arrives he is given No. 1 of some set. Following that,

he finds No. 2, and so on, until he finds the five apples, one of

which he takes, finds the dotted apple, threads the needle and

outlines it with the green cotton. The one who succeeds in finding

his apple first and makes the neatest outline is the winner.

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