This contest was instituted in America in 1884 to give athletes an

opportunity to demonstrate their ability in all-around work. The

contest is rapidly becoming the blue ribbon championship event in

America for track athletes. The following ten events are contested


100-yard dash

High jump

Long jump


Throwing 16-pound hammer

Putting a 16-pound shot

Throwing 56-pound weight

120-yard hurdle race

Half-mile walk

One-mile run

The system of scoring in the All-around Championship is complicated.

Each contestant has his score made up independently. The world's best

amateur record is taken as a basis and 1,000 points are allowed for

it. For example, the best record (amateur) for the 100-yard dash is

9-4/5 seconds and for each 1/5 of a second more than this that the

runner in the All-around Championship contest makes in his trial 42

points are deducted from this score. The same method is used in all

the events. In the ten events the maximum score where the contestant

equalled every world's record would be 10,000 points. The contest was

won in 1909 by the remarkable score of 7,385 points.

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