Aisle Hunt

Some object--a coin will do--is selected to be hidden. The children of

one of the aisles leave the room, the others determine upon a hiding

place and hide the coin in plain sight. Those out of the room are

called back and look for the hidden object. As soon as it is found, the

first one finding it goes to his seat and calls, "First." He is not to

call until he is actually in his seat. The second one to find it

returns to his seat and calls, "Second," and so on until it has been

found by all in the aisle. If there are six aisles in the room, the

occupants of the first six seats in the aisle seeking the hidden object

determine which aisle leaves the room next. For illustration,--if the

pupil in the second seat is the first one to find the object, then the

second aisle of the room will be the one to leave the room for the next

hunt. Likewise if the pupil of the third seat is the first to find the

object, the third aisle will be the one which next has the privilege of

enjoying the hunt. If there are more pupils in the aisle than there are

aisles in the room, the pupils in the last seats do not count.

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