Aeroplane Ride

The player selected to take the ride is sent from the room and

blindfolded. A strong board is held a few inches from the floor by

several of the players. The blindfolded player is then called back into

the room and invited to step into the aeroplane and is aided in

stepping upon the board. His hands are placed upon the shoulders of two

other players for support. As soon as the individual has stepped upon

the board, it is raised a few inches and the two individuals upon whose

shoulders rest his hands slowly and together bend their knees, so as to

lower their shoulders, giving the impression to the rider that he has

been lifted some distance from the floor.

The rider is then told to jump down, but not to fear, as mattresses

have been placed upon the floor, so that he is in no danger of injury.

The fear of jumping from so great a height as the blindfolded aviator

has been caused to feel he has attained, and the surprise of striking

the floor in so short a distance after the jump, are very amusing.

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