For this game, half the players go outside the door, whilst those who

stay in the room choose a word of one syllable, which should not be

too difficult. For instance, suppose the word chosen be "Flat," those

who are out of the room are informed that a word has been thought of

that rhymes with "Cat," and they then have to act, without speaking,

all the words they can think of that rhyme with "Cat." Supposing their

first idea be "Bat," they come into the room and play an imaginary

game of cricket. This not being correct, they would be hissed for

their pains, and they must then hurry outside again. They might next

try "Rat," most of them going into the room on their hands and feet,

whilst the others might pretend to be frightened. Again they would be

hissed. At last the boys go in and fall flat on their faces, while the

girls pretend to use flat-irons upon their backs. The loud clapping

that follows tells them that they are right at last. They then change

places with the audience, who, in turn, become the actors.

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