Acting Proverbs

The best way to play this game is for the players to divide themselves

into two groups, namely, actors and audience. Each one of the actors

should then fix upon a proverb, which he will act, in turn, before the

audience. As, for instance, supposing one of the players to have chosen

the proverb, "A bad workman quarrels with his tools," he should go into

the room where the audience is seated, carrying with him a bag in which

there is a saw, a hammer, or any other implement or tool used by a

workman; he should then look round and find a chair, or some other

article, which he should pretend requires repairing; he should then act

the workman, by taking off his coat, rolling up his sleeves, and

commencing work, often dropping his tools and grumbling about them the

whole of the time.

If this game be acted well, it may be made very entertaining. Sometimes

the audience are made to pay a forfeit each time they fail to guess the


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