It will be necessary to have several sheets of silhouette paper (black

on one side and white on the other), a large sheet of white cardboard,

several pairs of scissors, and as many pencils as there are players,

for this game.

Each player is handed a piece of silhouette paper, on the white side

of which is written a number and the name of some animal. The players

are handed pencils and requested to draw the animal, assigned to each,

on the white side of the paper. The animals are then cut out and

handed to the hostess. Fifteen minutes are allowed for this.

The hostess, having collected all the animals, pastes them back side

out, on the sheet of cardboard, and writes a number corresponding to

the one already on the animal, underneath each. The cardboard sheet is

hung up where all can see and the players are handed pieces of paper

with numbers arranged down one side, on which each player is to write

opposite its corresponding number what each animal is supposed to


A prize may be given to the one guessing the greatest number of

animals correctly.

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