Provide each player with pencil and paper and a penny. The hostess

explains that the answers to the following questions are things which

are found on every penny.

The questions may either be written on the paper beforehand or the

guests can write them as the hostess asks them. A prize may be awarded

to the player whose paper contains the greatest number of correct


1. An emblem of victory, (laurel wreath).

2. An emblem of royalty, (crown).

3. A South American fruit, (date).

4. A spring flower, (tulips, two lips).

5. A portion of a hill, (brow).

6. A portion of a river, (mouth).

7. A messenger, (one cent, sent).

8. A piece of armor, (shield).

9. Mode of ancient punishment, (stripes).

10. Means of inflicting it, (lashes).

11. Something to be found in school, (pupil).

12. Three weapons, (3 arrows).

13. An animal, (hare, hair).

14. A part of a stove, (lid).

15. Plenty of assurance, (cheek).

16. The first American settler, (Indian).

17. Part of a duck, (feathers).

18. A place of worship, (temple).

19. Two sides of a vote, (eyes and nose, ayes and noes).

20. The cry of victory, (won, one).

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