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Zigzag Overhead Toss

Source: Games For The Playground, Home, School And Gymnasium

_20 to 100 players._

_Playground; gymnasium; schoolroom._

_Hand ball; basket ball; bean bag._

This game is a variation of Zigzag Ball, and is more difficult and
interesting for older players. The players are divided into two
parties, best distinguished by color
say Red and Blue. The two
parties stand in even ranks alternately about five feet apart; for
instance, the Red party will form ranks one and three, and will play
together, facing each other, while the Blue party will form ranks two
and four, which will face each other and play together.

The first player in each party has a ball which is put in play upon a
signal by being tossed over the heads of the intervening rank to
Number One in the other rank of his party. This player tosses the ball
back to Number Two in the first rank, and so the ball is tossed in
zigzag form from one player to another in ranks of the same color
until it reaches the end of the line, when it is zigzagged back to the
starting point in the same way. This is all done over the heads of an
intervening rank of the opposite color. Simultaneously the competing
team is playing in the same way.

The party wins which first gets the ball back to the starting point.

With a large number of players the number of ranks may be increased
beyond four if desired.

This game may be made more interesting and require much more
alertness on the part of the players by putting more balls into
play. This may be done by the starters starting a second or
more balls, tossing down the line as soon as a predecessor has
reached the third player. When this is done, the game is won
(_a_) by the party whose last player at the foot of the line is
first to receive the last ball; or (_b_) the last player may
accumulate the balls and return them to the front in reverse
order, the party winning which first gets its last ball back to
the original starter.

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