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The Mandarins
There is no contrariness about "The Mandarins." The players s...

In China, and to some extent in Holland, kite-flying is not t...

The first thing to do when a plot has been given to you, is t...

The Newspaper
This is a rather elaborate but really very easy game to play....

Japanese Fan Ball
This game is especially adapted for a lawn party for girls. E...

This is an excellent game. In some places it is called "Cock ...

Soap Bubbles
For blowing bubbles the long clay pipes are best. Before usin...

Balloon Race
An inflated rubber balloon and a palm leaf fan must be provid...

Wool Demons

Source: What Shall We Do Now?: Five Hundred Games And Pastimes

To make a "Wool Demon," take a piece of cardboard as wide as you want
the demon to be tall, say three inches, and wind very evenly over it
wool of the color you want the demon to be. Scarlet wool is perhaps
best. Wind it about eighty times, and then remove carefully and tie a
piece round about half an inch from the top to make the neck. This
also secures the wool, the lower looped ends of which can now be cut.
When cut, gather up about twenty pieces each side for the arms, and,
holding them firmly, bind them round with other wool, and cut off
neatly at the proper length. Then tie more wool round to form the
body. The legs and tail are made in the same way as the arms, except
that wool is wound round the legs, beginning from the feet and working
upward, only to the knees, leaving a suggestion of knickerbockers.
Eyes and other features can be sewn on in silk.

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