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Wild Rabbits

Source: What Shall We Do Now?: Five Hundred Games And Pastimes
Category: PETS

Of all rabbits the brightest and most intelligent, as a pet, is the
wild rabbit. If you can get two or three baby wild rabbits and feed
them on milk, they will grow up very tame. We heard recently of two
small wild rabbits that were taken out of the nest and brought up by
hand. They and their mistress and a collie pup would play together,
and they ran about the room, racing over the floor and furniture. In
the summer one escaped from the coop on the lawn in which they were
shut up, so the other was turned loose too. They would both come out
of the bushes when called, run about over one's dress, and hunt
pockets for oats or bits of apple, and would still play with their old
friend the collie. It is sad to tell of their death, which they met at
the jaws of a strange dog who came marauding. They did not recognize
in him an enemy, and easily fell his victims.

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