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Source: The Book Of Sports
Category: GARDENING.

Boys generally fancy there is nothing like watering, and they are very
pleased when they get the watering-pot in their hands. They always like
to be watering,--no doubt thinking that the more the seeds and plants
are watered the better they thrive; but this is a mistake, moderation in
all things should be the motto. When a plant wants watering
artificially, it in general shows its wants by very unequivocal signs,
namely, by a drooping of its pretty head and leaves; and then, if too
much water be given to it, it soon springs up with great luxuriance; and
the first burning day of sunshine is likely to kill it, or to do it
great injury. The rule should be, to water as little as possible, and to
wait as long as possible for nature's heavenly rain, which is better
than any artificial watering. Plants should never be watered during the
middle of the day, but early in the morning, or when the sun is
descending in the evening. Pump-water should never be used if rain or
pond-water can be obtained. Much good often results to plants and
seed-beds from the use of _liquid_ manure. This can be easily prepared
by getting an old beer-cask and knocking out the head. The bottom should
then be fixed in a hole dug to receive it, and the earth allowed to
reach to the brim. Some of the best manure to be had should then be put
into this, with a pound or two of guano, and pour upon it three pails of
water. It should then be allowed to stand for a week or two, and used as
required. The effects will soon show themselves in the increased growth
and vigour of the plants.

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