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Washing One's Self

Source: Games Without Music For Children

The teacher may repeat the lines, accompanying them with the actions,
which the children imitate, or the children may learn and repeat the
words themselves.

[1]Wash your hands, dear children all,
[2]Palms we rub and [3]backs as well,
[4]Round the wrist we leave no mark,
Else a sad tale that would tell;
[5]Rub the knuckles, [6]brush nails, too,
Clean, bright[7] hands nice work can do.

Now 'tis time to [8]wash your face,
[9]Soap your hands, and [10]rub away,
[11]Gently round the ears we go,
[12]Don't forget your eyes, I say;
[13]Nose, and [14]mouth, and [15]forehead high,
[16]All to make quite clean we try.


[1] Pretend to wash hands.

[2] Rub palms together.

[3] Rub back of left hand with palm of right.

[4] Wash left wrist, then right.

[5] Rub knuckles of both hands.

[6] Brush nails of left hand with right fist.

[7] Show hands.

[8] Touch face with both hands.

[9] Pretend to rub soap on hands.

[10] Rub hands together.

[11] Wash the ears.

[12] Wash eyes.

[13] Rub the nose.

[14] Wash round mouth.

[15] Rub forehead.

[16] Rub all the face.

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