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Tip Tap Toe

Source: Games For The Playground, Home, School And Gymnasium

_2 to 8 players._

_Indoors; out of doors._

A circle is drawn on a slate or paper, the size of it
varying with the number of players, a larger circle being desirable
for a large number of players. This circle is intersected with
straight lines, so that it is divided into a series of wedge-shaped
spaces, the number of lines and spaces being also at the discretion of
the players, the larger the number of players the larger the number of
spaces desirable and the greater the variation in scoring. In each of
these spaces numbers are written in consecutive order, one for each
space, 1, 2, 3, 4, etc., or the numbers may be done in multiples of
5, 10, 15, 20, etc. The players take turns in rotation. The one
whose turn it is shuts his eyes, takes a pencil, circles it around
over the diagram while he says the following verse

"Tip, tap, toe, here we go,
Three jolly sailor boys all in a row."

At the close of the verse the player places the point of the pencil on
the diagram, still with his eyes closed. He then opens his eyes, and
should the pencil have touched one of the numbered spaces, he marks
down to his score the number written in that space, and crosses out
that figure on the diagram. Thereafter that space does not count in
playing. Should the pencil touch a dividing line or the line forming
the circumference of the circle, or fall outside of the circle, or
fall in a space in which the number has been crossed out, the player
scores nothing, and loses his turn, the next one taking up the play.

When all of the spaces have been crossed out, the player wins who has
the largest score, but should any player at any time touch his pencil
to the center of the circle, he wins the game.

This game may be played out of doors by drawing the
diagram on the earth with a sharpened stick, which is used afterwards
as a pointer as a pencil is used on the paper diagram. If on hard
earth the figures may be marked in the spaces as on a paper diagram,
but the diagram should be drawn considerably larger than when on

This is an admirable game for playing on the hard sand of the
seashore. In that case little pebbles or shells are placed in the
different spaces instead of numerals; one in the first space, two in
the second, three in the third, etc. When a player places his stick or
pointer in a space he removes the pebbles from that place to a little
pile, and the score is counted at the end by counting this pile of
pebbles. Any space from which the pebbles have been removed is
thereafter out of the game, as when the figures are crossed out on the
paper diagram.

This game is supposed to have originated in early methods of
allotting land.

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