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The Umpires

Source: The Book Of Sports
Category: CRICKET.

The umpires are the sole judges of fair and unfair play, and all
disputes are determined by them, each at his own wicket. They shall not
stand more than six yards from the wicket. In case of a catch, which the
umpire at the wicket cannot see sufficiently to decide upon, he may
apply to the other umpire, whose opinion is conclusive.

The umpires shall pitch fair wickets, and the parties shall toss up for
the choice of innings.

They shall allow two minutes for the striker to come in, and fifteen
minutes between each innings. When the umpires shall call "play," the
party who refuses shall lose the match.

They are not to order a player out unless assented to by the

If the bowler's foot be not behind the bowling-crease and within the
return crease when he delivers the ball, they must, unasked, call "no
ball;" if the striker run a short run, the umpire must call "no run."

If in running either of the strikers shall fail to ground his bat, in
hand, or some part of his person, over the popping crease, the umpire,
for every such failure, shall deduct two runs from the number intended
to have been run, because such striker, not having run in the first
instance, cannot have started in the second from the proper goal.

No umpire is allowed to bet.

No umpire to be changed during a match, unless with the consent of both
parties, except in case of a violation of the last law, then either
party may dismiss the transgressor.

After the delivery of four balls, the umpire should call "over," but not
until the ball shall be lodged and definitely settled in the
wicket-keeper's or bowler's hand; the ball shall then be considered
dead. Nevertheless, if an idea be entertained that either of the
strikers is out, a question may be put previously to, but not after the
delivery of the next ball.

The umpire must take especial care to call "no ball" instantly upon
delivery, and "wide ball," as soon as ever it shall pass the striker.

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