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The Three Bears

Source: Games Without Music For Children

This game may be played either in the home, schoolroom or classroom. The
words should be learnt previously as a recitation.

Materials required.--Three mugs or basins of various sizes, with a
spoon in each; three stools or chairs of various sizes, and three beds.
The latter may be made by laying shawls or coats on the forms or floor.
The 'beds' should vary in size, the first being the largest, the next
smaller, the third smaller still.

Three boys or girls should be chosen to represent the Three Bears, and
these also should vary in size. The 'Bears' go outside the room.

The child who represents the little girl should know the rhymes well.
When all is ready she comes in and, standing near the open door, says:--

What a funny house I see!
Surely I may step inside,
All is quiet as can be,
And the door is open wide.
[Walks slowly towards the mugs.]

Pots of food are near the fire.
I must taste them, one [tastes the first], two [tastes the second],
three [tastes the third];
Oh, how good, I'll eat it all,
For my breakfast it shall be.
[Puts the mug down and turns to stools.]

Three stools! first [sits on first] and next [sits on it] too high,
Tiny one is just for me.
[Sits on third.]
Oh, 'tis broken [tumbles off], off I go,
What else is there yet to see?
[Walks towards beds.]

Beds, a large one [lies down], that is hard, [Rises.]
This one [pointing to middle bed] is too long, I fear,
Oh, how soft [lies down in little bed], I'll take a rest,
In the little bed just here.
[Pretends to sleep.]

The three bears come tramping in. The big one takes up his mug and says,
'Who has been at my porridge?' The second bear says the same; and then
the little bear takes up his mug and says, 'Who has been at my porridge
and eaten it all up?'

They proceed in the same way with the stools, the little bear finishing
with 'Who has been sitting on my stool, and broken it?'

Then they go to the beds in order, asking one after the other, 'Who has
been at my bed?' until it comes to the little bear's turn, when he says,
'Who has been at my bed? and here she is still!'

The little girl now opens her eyes, and, seeing the bears, jumps up
quickly and runs off.

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