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The Stage Coach

Source: Games For All Occasions

The leader tells every member of the company to choose as a name some
article connected with a stage coach; the wheels, the horses, the whip,
the bridle, etc., may be chosen. These the leader jots down on a piece
of paper and then begins to tell a thrilling story. "The stage coach
left the old Stag Inn, amidst the thundering of the horses' hoofs and
the cracking of the driver's whip." Some member will probably have
chosen to be the horses, another the whip, and as their names are
mentioned they must rise, twirl round and sit down again. Then the
narrator continues: "For some miles all went well, then a bridle gave
way (the bridle must rise and twirl round) and the driver put down the
reins, jumped from his seat and ran to the horses' heads. It was found
necessary to take the horses out of the shafts before the stage coach
could proceed on its way." As each member's name is mentioned he must
rise and twirl round; but when the Stage Coach is mentioned every one
must rise and change seats, when the narrator, who has been standing,
tries to secure one. If he succeeds the person left out becomes
narrator. The great point is for the narrator to tell such a thrilling
story that the members forget to acknowledge the mention of their names,
when they must pay a forfeit.

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