Melting Lead
Each person melts some lead and pours it through a wedding-ri...

He Can Do Little.
All the players sit in a circle. One, knowing the catch, be...

Cross Tag
_5 to 30 or more players._ _Playground; gymnasium._ O...

All birds should have a bath given them. They like best a sha...

Cellar Stairs
Cellar-stairs' test is where girl boldly goes down stairs bac...

The Glass-maker
Another trick to play with pins is the glass-making pin. Cut ...

Memory Test
A tray piled high with all sorts of objects, as diverse as po...

Art Gallery
Pictures of a number of famous paintings by the masters are p...

Testing Fates

Source: Games For All Occasions
Category: NEW YEAR'S DAY

Upon the floor are twelve candles in a row, all alight and each of a
different color. Each candle stands for a month in the year. The white
one for January, blue for February, pale green for March, bright green
for April, violet for May, light pink for June, dark pink for July,
yellow for August, lilac for September, crimson for October, orange for
November, scarlet for December. Each child in turn is invited to jump
over the candles, and if the feat be accomplished without extinguishing
a single candle, prosperity and happiness are in store through all the
months of the coming year; but if one is put out, ill-luck threatens in
the month whose shining is thus eclipsed; while to knock one over,
predicts dire calamity.

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