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Ten Steps

Source: Games For The Playground, Home, School And Gymnasium

_10 to 30 or more players._

_Playground; indoors._

This is a game of hide and seek and like all such games is best played
where there is plenty of space and many hiding places. The distinctive
feature of this game is the peculiar limitation put on the opportunity
to hide, which may even free the blinder from his task. The one who is
It, or hunter, blinds his eyes and counts ten while the other players
run for hiding places. As soon as the one who is blinding says "Ten!"
the players must all stand motionless whereever they happen to be,
while he turns at once to look for them. Any player whom he sees
moving must come back to the goal and start over again. The hunter
repeats this five times, and any player not entirely out of sight the
fifth time the hunter turns must change places with him, the original
hunter becoming a spectator of the game. Having called "Ten!" and
turned to look for moving players five times, the hunter (or the one
taking his place, as explained above) counts one hundred, to give the
players time to reach final hiding places, and the game proceeds as in
regular I Spy.

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